Easily create your next Dart app.

About Stagehand

Stagehand helps you quickly, easily, and correctly create Dart applications. It generates the scaffolding that you need so you can get productive, faster. Stagehand supports generating both client-side web apps and server-side apps.

WebStorm uses Stagehand, as do other Dart-savvy IDEs and editors. Restart your IDE or editor to get the latest templates.

Get Started

Installing Stagehand requires the Dart SDK, version 1.6 or greater. You can check this by running the following command:

$ dart --version

Once you confirm that the version of the Dart SDK is recent enough, you can install the stagehand package:

$ pub global activate stagehand


Stagehand is easy to use from the command line. First, make sure pub scripts are on your PATH. Then:

$ mkdir fancy_project
$ cd fancy_project
$ stagehand web-angular

Stagehand contains a highly curated list of templates: